Online Learning platform for schools and colleges.

Online Course Management

We have used moodle to manage courses online.

iOS Application

Integrated with iOS platform supported by iPhone & iPad.

Android Application

Integrated with Android platform supported by Android latest versions & tablets.

Inventory Management application for all platforms.


Responsive design to work in all browser supported by all device sizes.


Stock Management. GST Integrated.

Mobile App Integration

Integration with iOS & Android version mobile apps.

Retail application for all platforms.

Multi Store

Multi headquarters & multi branch supported.

Barcode Support

All type of barcodes by default supported.

AI enabled Dashboard

Provides insights to the historical data & can forecast for future purchases.

Basic WordPress sites starting at 200$.


Themes used with latest design trends.

100% SEO Complient

SEO & Digital Marketing with Analytics add ons available.

Mobile App Integration

App integration using cross-platform technologies or native versions.